Our “Hero”…

As I type this, my little girl is asleep in front of me. My husband is sleeping too; he worked 13 hours last night.

I see her with her tiny hands and her toes. She lets little giggles out in her sleep. She looks so peaceful. In her eyes, this world is perfect. In her eyes, there is neither evil nor hate. There is no wrong. In her eyes, no one would ever purposefully hurt her father and everyone loves him just as much as she does.

Unfortunately, I know better.  I know hate and death threats.  I know someone would hurt her father simply because they hate the fact he wears a uniform.  I know people would look at her with disgrace when they find out that she is the daughter of a Police Officer. And, it makes me sad.  It makes me sad on one hand and it makes me angry on the other.

God gave me the gift of being this child’s mother. I do not take this gift lightly.

I know that it is my job to teach her to love others based on their heart and not a label.  It’s my job to teach her kindness, loyalty, and bravery.  I must teach her to never play the victim and to always accept responsibility for her choices. It’s my job to raise her into a woman.

I have read the comments of citizens that are against Police’s movements and have called for officers deaths.  I see them.  I see the Facebook pages with all type of comments against the Police. I see the videos of the ‘victims’ of the Police. I read the petitions. And, I have to be honest, I don’t get it.

I don’t know if it is that I just don’t understand, or that I don’t want to understand. I refuse to raise my daughter in a world where people like to play the victim. I REFUSE to be that kind of parent.

People, start taking responsibilities for your actions! Stop blaming the system, the Police, the time, the dog, just STOP it already!

It’s time to redirect our focus and reassess our lives. I want this sweet little brown eyes girl to have the greatest life she can possible have. I want her to share with her father every achievement in her life. I want to see her play, laugh and have her first Father-Daughter dance.

It makes me sad to know that ignorance can stop her from enjoying a life time with her dad. It makes me angry to fear every day for her father to come home safe.

My little girl and her father still asleep. Tonight he’ll go to work, and in her mind, he’ll be back. In my heart, I pray God to protect him. She doesn’t know that ‘hate’ might stop him from making his way back home. I know that our lives can change any night because people see our “Hero” as a threat.

xVal – Sep 2015


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