Just being Thankful! 

Your job is hard, and you deserve to know that your work is appreciated. You have made a difference in a lot of lives, and that Sunday, you made a difference in our lives.
I think it is safe to say that in the last few weeks police officers have had a lot of bad days. Some have faced a lot of hatred in the past days, events that could make any of you questioned putting on the uniform at the start of a shift. But I am so thankful that the two officers that came to our home that morning, didn’t question themselves that day.
Thank you! You both were so kind and tender that day.
I wanted to take the time to write this because people often are quick to judge and talk about all the bad things, but they always forget about the good ones, specially, they forget to say ‘Thank you’. I watch mainstream media crucify your character while minimizing your cause. People do not understand that we need you Police Officers, America needs you. The world isn’’t making it any easier for you guys to wake up with the same passion you had when you first started the academy. I know the world is making it extremely difficult for you to feel like anyone is on your side. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to put your life on the line for a world that has seemingly turned its back on you. But, I hope that won’t stop you. The world seems to forget is that you don’t suit up every day for their approval. You don’t put your life on the line so people will sing your praises from the mountain tops, everyone keeps forgetting to say ‘Thank You’. God knows you don’t do it for the money, as a wife of a Police Officer, I seen the paychecks. All the money that gets taken from you guys for taxes, pensions and benefits, while people out there don’t pay taxes and have health benefits. Yet, they’re the ones that don’t give you guys the gratitude and thanks you deserve.
I am so thankful for you Police Officers, specially the two that were sent that morning. I’m lifting up a prayer for you today, for your safety, wisdom, and courage.
Thank you for putting our community that you serve above your family. Now that the holidays are coming, I know how hard it gets. Not only do you have to deal with more craziness out there, but also you have to give up so much of your time with your families to serve and protect. – Thank you to their families as well for allowing you guys to do your job.
You’ve chosen to be a warriors. And I’m aware that there isn’t a magic solution that will make the world see you for who you are – the amazing men and women in blue. But I wanted you both and all the rest of you Police Officers to know that You are honorable, You are courageous and You are worthy of a nation’s support.
As I keep seeing you guys directing traffic in the heat, the snow, and in the rain; and being filmed every time you try to do your job. I see how you guys get tired for being misunderstood. I seen you are hurt when you bury your brothers and sisters that died because they were guilty of one thing: wearing a uniform with a badge.
I also see you that you are humans, with a heart beat. Every time you put on that uniform, I see you putting my safety above yours. And I truly appreciate that. Thank you for doing a job most of us couldn’t do, a job that doesn’t guarantee you a return home.
You both were so brave and focus on making the best decision in that moment for my daughter.
So to you guys that came that morning and every police officer out there, Thank you for everything that you do.
Thank you for making that choice to protect and serve. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for getting up again today to protect my family!


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